The real matrix

1. The real Matrix

Hollywood proved many times, that most of the movies scenarios fully opposes the message of the bible. It’s even more than so. Insane villains are usually portrayed as a bible quoting hipocrites. Its like Hollywood producers are suggesting that its impossible to take anything useful out of the bible, and that anyone talking about the God is someone at least weird. Even the names of the movies produced in the Hollywood are often indicating a rebelion towards the God’s laws.

I guess the average person that is reading that, is thinking that im some crazy religious fanatic. If it is like so, it only proves my point that the Hollywood agenda setting of a default viewer possition is working.

The movie Matrix is basicly about the world that is not real. There is a scene in the movie, that shows like in a lens the idea of the producers for the movie. In my opinion its the most important lie that the movie want to sell. Its the scene, where an AI is telling the vision of human beings not wanting a good world for themselfs, as they were finding it unreal. That is the scene where the Agent Smith, the supreme AI, is telling th Neo, a supposed messiah of humanity, that the world of matrix is not the first world there was.

Thats very much untrue. First of all, the achievement of fully sentient artificial intelligence is the objective for all those who want to find human beings as obsolete. That is what would make those who achieve it, able to imitate a creation of life, being like the God himself. In my opinion that task is impossible to achieve. For a christian its not hard to indentify those who want to be like the God and those that view humans as obsolete. Those people are the church of Satan.

Agent Smith is the synonim character of the great hunter before the God, the first king Nimrod in the Bible. He is the hunter of man, that finds them obsolete. He see himself as the most high, and wants to take his place and see the earth as a second one. Nimrod as well as the Agent Smith, does not want to serve but to rule. Their destiny is to be the servant of the servants. They rebel against their destiny. Both of those characters hate the earth and desire the transcedence from it.

For a christian its obvious that the Satan and his followers are liars. In that light, it should not come to a surprise, that the supreme AI of the matrix in the form of the Agent Smith, is telling the viewer the lie that humanity does not want a good world, but needs the world of capitalism presented in the movie. The truth is completly the opposite. Its the world of capitalism makes the viewer indentify with the concept of unreality of the world. Another truth is that a fully sentient AI is unable to exist. So its a double lie, a cross lie, that is the point of the movie and the agenda setting of its producers.

But what is exactly a definition of a matrix according to the Oxford dictionary? Its:

The set of conditions that provides a system in which something grows or develops.

We live in a world that is more and more financialised. The system we call capitalism, in which we are living is constantly forcing us to adapt to it.

System conditions us to make barriers between eachother. Those barriers are all like a soft walls, that are unexistant for those that are reckless and ruthless enough to ignore those. After the lecture of this article I hope that you, the reader will understand why I think its the ruthlessness is the key component to the rules of the game in the current world of a manufactured concent. That world is prone to make unreal what is real to others and vice versa, by its definition.

The system itself seems to be alive and rewards those that go with the flow. The system punish all those who want to limit the system power over the human lives.

There are many apologetics of the current sittuation. Some of them, like the polish sociologist Z. Baumann, had a bloody biography that shows no regard for other human being lives. His services in the NKWD, the soviet internal security department, seems to be invaluable for the new rulers of the former soviet union of countries. Those rulers happens to be most probably, one of the force ruling the block of countries, that was united under the Marshall’s Plan as well.

Z. Bauman and other people advocating the post modernism, are using the same logic as they were using under the stalinist era in the Soviet Union. They imply that there are forces, as a Hegel would say – a spirit of the age, that force people to do what must be done.

That is in itself a terrible logical error, that those kind of apologetics, are viewing the old spirit of tyranny, of one man rules against the others, as some brand new spirit of the age. But the logic gets even worse. Those people will lie to you, that this is all in the name of the freedom.

Post modernists will use the word freedom in a very broad sense of its meaning, making it almost meaningless in essence. Then they use this meaningless quasi word, as key to understand the, how they call it – fluid substance of the ever changing temporary world.

You might think that confusion amongs the apologetics of the current world could not achieve higher highs, it is sadly not the case. There are many other aspects there to consider. Like how language, especially the english, is constantly robbed of the words, that are in the day to day usage.

It is hard to blame people of being an unwilling apologetic of post modernity, they just can not any better. They need to use what ever consensus have been made on any issue, because of their lack of ability to express themselves.

Everyone that has any background in social sciences, most probably knows the most popular phrase, that is most commonly used to describe the world today That phrase is „there is no alternative”. That statement could be paraphrased by – There is no better world but this bad world, or there are better world, but in the name of freedom we can not try otherwise. That is obviously false claim.

Only in the world where people are deeply confused about the language, could that absolutely false claim of no alternative be made. But what do we expect when the press secretary of the current president of the United States is talking about alternative facts without being sarcastic, and her partner in dialog is not blaming her for that obvious error of language, logic and reason.

That leaves us with a sittuation of a world, in which people use the language according to the post modernity standard of no standards at all. In that kind of the world the hipocrisy is by definition, not able to be recognisable. And I think its essencial for hipocrisy to be hidden behind withered language, because otherwise the hipocracy that reach heaven would be too appaling even to those who perpetuate it.

If modernity was the world that favoured idolisation of success, fetish of brands, hipocrisy of double standards. The post modernism is even worse. It assumes that people nature is the nature described by success, having a brand or belonging to a brand, as described in the futuristic novel „Brand New World”by Aldous Huxley. Post modernistic consensus assumes without any proof at all, that there are no standards of good or bad. If you agree to this world you must also agree to the occultistic message that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. That statement would not be so terrible, if people would assume that the God is the beholder. No, it is the world, where it is assumed that a human is the meassure of all things.

Scientific observation is not the basis of such a humanistic statements, contrary to what is told. Infants like to watch beautiful things and beautiful faces, even if the infant had not time to make his own opinion to be the meassure of all things. The bee is definatly not a human, and definatly does not make opinion, but is attracted towards the beauty of not only flowers, but patterns that we like as well.

The reality of the world, was always felt as a commonly felt and describleable by words. When words wither their meaning, the reality described by them gives the sense of unreality and a loss, that a sociologists call a state of an anomy.

In todays world, the loss of the reputation of words causes people to replace them by something else, mainly by the numbers. Its not the role of this work to explain why that is the case, that people are under the influence of a Cabbalists ( the religious sect, that view that only numbers are cosmologicly important). On the side note, and whats important about the Cabbalists, is that its one of the traditions of Talmud. Jesus Christ message was harsh only towards the people of Kanaan, but a lot less than the Talmud users represented by the Safardian and Phariseic oral traditions of the elders.

We can see that tendency everywhere. People are only satisfied when numbers are involved. The more cryptic the numbers and equations that hides them, the better. It does not matter if those equations are even legit. Wrong equation means more than the words, even those that are based on the facts.

There are some very popular quotes that fame should not be universal, as the truths behind them are not universal. Like the statement that the mathematics ensures the stability of the scientific statements. That is partialy true at best. Science is based on logic, and logic is based on facts. Mathematics belongs to the logic, but mathematics can not produce facts. Mathematics can give a stable measure to facts, and make it harder for them to be misunderstood. The most important are the definitions, but those are not number based, but are based on words, facts and observations backing them up.

Contrary to what people believe, numbers stands for nothing. Such a believe, in my opinion, was and still is the reason of the nihilism in the contemporary western civilisation. Western society wrongly assumes, that thru meaninglessness and nothingness of numbers can came some meaning of some sort.

Such an idolatry is able to be seen everywhere. Starting from the recent trend in some of the internet circles. This trend is a believe that some secret societies, of a rather unknown or quasi unknown origins, know something from numbers, or a rather conceal the words in numbers. In that process those secret societies are giving those words some magical properties.

In my opinion its a dangerous unwilling slip of the mind, that willingly or unwillingly accepts the concept that one of the most important medium of meaning, which is a word, is way more inferiour, not only to a number, which are meaningless, but there is some hidden magic that need to be revealed by the contact with nothingness.

You might think now – ok, but those are just some lunatics over the internet. Nothing can be further from the truth. Its a very common error that is thought in school. Its especially visible in the teaching of history, economics and other social sciences. The mania of terrorising kids with the dates, charts, statistics and viewing them as the greatest achievements in the forementions. I do not say those are not important, but still they are meaningless for a young minds, that does not understand the concept of chronology in case of a date usage, measurement comparision in case of the charts, and measurement of stochastic probablities in statistics. Not knowing the basics of those things I have mentioned, build the need to psychologicly justify the words of emphasis that are directed towards pupils from their authorities.

The easiest way to justify some behaviour is by idolising it. You do not have to understand anything that way, just bow down and pay the tribute, of what is expected of you. In case of school, memorise.

Idolising the power and authority based on the strenght is the shortest way to the criminal life. I was wondering once, if a similiarities between the school culture and the prisoner culture is just coincidence. What are those similiarities? Prisoners have their own language that is based on the riddles, false propositions and abuse of other people. The role of the false propositions is to divide people by their ability to hurt others. If someone is playing by the rules of the tricksters, it points that he pose no danger, and that he is predictible as a potential victim. Thats the common characteristic of older school children and of prisoners to play a victim game. What are the similiarities that makes children act so evil? School children just mimick the adults. Our school system works on discipline, and the easiest way to attain that is to make an example of. Its awful but its the teachers that are actualy bullying children out of convenience, before other children out of the fear of being even more victimise themselves, victimise others, based on their low level of danger towards them.
But why do I speak about this? I think the matrix movie is making the criminal life an excuse. The matrix characters have no regards to human being life, delight in doing violence, and have hatred towards law officers. Not to mention they are wearing a clothes, accesories and hair style that makes it hard to identify them by their body features. They are looking cool, because hollywood presents being the „gangsta”, as a super stylish. It makes a recruitment material for the Cia, the army intelligence agenst, or some criminal organisation easier of some older teen male, that would be less willing otherwise without a proper advertisement. If you do not believe me it works, just look at those photos that was taken by the camera at the place of school shootings that was a preparation for 9/11. It shows the unfound suspects that are rumoured to be seen near the two towers at 9/11.
The only reason why that similiarities are not giving us an alarm to our intuitive mind is that the prison culture behaviour makes sense if the movie is about the prison that is a matrix. I tell you that you should not agree with the evilness and no evil is ok in any circumstance.
The tradition of criminal discipleship and discipling techniques come out of the Rome. The Catholic Church is the direct descendant out of the Roman Empire. Their soldiers, the Jesuits, have a huge traditions and an influence over the education system around the whole world.
Im writing about that to give the explanation of the second most important scene in the Matrix movie. Its the most reminded scene out of the movie on the internet. It is the scene where Morpheus, the leader of the rogue band is giving the Neo, the possible recruit, a choice between the red pill and the blue pill, representing a choice between the truth and the lie. Morpheus or a Seraphim when you read his name backward with a twist. So its a Seraphim that is twisted, that want to propose fale proposition dilemma to the Neo.
Most of the flat earthers (the people that believe the world is flat sic!) love that scene and they are thinking they are so special by taking the truth pill. They put the red pill referrence on their silly little movies. If truth would be so easy attainable as to get some pill and be followed by a movies that requires you to switch of your critical thinking its some fishy truth. Its half truth at best.
Lets just look what happens when the Neo takes the red pill. He is waking up in the supposed real world, as he is being told. But the waking up gives himbor his companions absolutely nothing. The whole story of the movie is still taking place in the matrix. The reason why Neo takes the red pill is to safely withdraw from the influence of the world to be succesfully indoctrinated and prepared to be one of the rogue in the band.
The red and blue pill does not symbolise the division between the truth and the lie. It present only if you believe the dogma of the person testing you. Morpheus is giving the false proposition of choice between a secular and dogmatic world view. Its the choice that Jesus have proven false. One being the traditions of Sephardi Jews that were denying the life after death, as represented of secular, pseudorational possition. The other being the tradition of Pharisees Jews, representing dogmatic rigid reasoning. Neither of those possitions were true, and if Jesus would agree with any of this possition he would have bow to the Satans temptations. If the Neo would be the saviour, as he supposedly is in the movie, he would know the tactics of the criminals of a false proposition. If you fall into a both wrong answers he was proven not to be dangerous contrary to the true messiah that proven to be possible great danger to the church of Satan by not playing the game by their rules.
The symbolism of the names Zion as the sanctuary of the matrix refugees, and the Trinity, the female character that seduce the Neo, is clear. It is as obvious as the sun that the movie is under the influence of the zionistic catholics aka jesuits.
In my opinion secular thinking is a myth and it is not existing in the form as a secularists think it exists. The whole idea of secularism, came from A. Comte and H. Spencer. Their idea was that a scientism, not to be misguided with the science can replace people questions about the existence. Both of those authors were believing, that the sociology will be the most important of sciences, and that other sciences will prove the validity of the sociological claims.
As a person that have a master degree in sociology, I am amazed on what basis some branch of the sociology makes it claims. For example lets take some of the american sociology. One outragous idea is to view people as animals like M. Skinner did, and that people can be partialy conditioned like dogs of the Pavlov, that produced the saliva when conditioned to the switch of the light. Another idea is the identity politics sociology. They think its normal that people are worshipping for example their football team, and without that football team being lost on who they are. Another idea some of the sociologists have is that every believe have its root in a masochism.
There are many other weird ideas. What is common is that all of those ideas should create sociology of pathology at best. The evidence shows that a healthy individual is not an object of the rules of the branch called by me as a sociology of pathology. It requires a lot of mental gymnastic to find a sickness where it is not. Ofcourse we live in society that creates enormous mental pressures, so the pathology can be enviromentaly created, but its effects are easily cureable.
Normal person is mainly driven by rationality of some sort, not by conditioning, or some sort of demonic possesion as the identity politics should be called, nor by a sexual perversion.
Sadly for me personaly, I sometimes feel like I wasted time on some demonology in disguise of a social science. But that kind of demonology was the A. Comte dream of making the existance of God unnecesary. In that light Comte weird biography, untrue statements, or wacky ideas are seen what a „scientific secularism” really is. Its a fake science of not only sociology, but other branches of science that Comte have loved. Those sciences where antropology and biology where you see the lies evolution. More so in the antropology, especially cultural one, than biology but still. The lies are visible in the physics as some quantum quakery, and materialistic magic or deification of a Newton and Galileo as a saints.
But you might say, you are neither a pupil, nor a internet conspiracy seeker, yet you probably loved the mystery of a dropping down number of the Matrix movie intro. This promise of meaning that had made you watch the whole movie with anticipation. Probably you had watched the whole series, and you had not realise that you were dupped by the concept of mysterious flying numbers. You probably either forgotten about them, thought you were just uninformed in the programming language, or you thought to yourself that its normal. Such is life and such is Hollywood, empty shell of nihilism just to sell you tickets ,by the empty promises of great intro and crappy meaningless neverending endings.
Yes. Its all about money. The promise behind numbers. The faith that more is better. The promise of finding a meaning. The real matrix itself that is based on a lack of a satisfaction. Do you think your concept of lack of reality does not comes from money? Imagine yourself in an arabic country in a market where there are no price tags what so ever. I am fairly certain you would be confused and feel that everything there is less real. You would be willingly hypnotised by the sellers stories and you would pay fortune just to hear who you are and what you are doing there.
What you would be buying from those merchant is not a product, but a meaning, and you would pay a lot because you think that a lot is better. An illusion of meaning, a lie, that not enough is a shame. The arabic merchant would not think like you, westerner. For him a shame would be not to sell you the story he created. If you started to listen to him, saying no to him would mean that the meaning he presented is not true, that he says meaningless things. I am not sure why is that. I think that is their way of coping with the western world and their fear of it. If you would deny that merchant a trade, you would put him in a sittuation of yourself. He would lose the sense of reality , and that would put him into shame of being not enough good merchant in the eyes of his collegues.
The concept of shame and money and the debt and the arbitrary notion of „not enough” is very important. David Graeber in his book „debt. The first 5000 years history” presents that matter with incredible depth from an atropological perspective every aspect of how arbitrary the whole issue is.
Its the story of our fears, shame, malicous deeds, pleasures in others suffering and pain. But it can also be another story, the sense of love and generousity, feeling good by others gratitude, as in the case of years of the 7th years Jubilee written in the Bible. In other words its the story of true meanings behind the nihilism. Either you approve the Babilonian way of unforgiveness, seeking advantage, of a secrecy and of a mystery, or a convenant of the Yah way, of love and the love of the truth. In an essence thats what its all about. Its the evil that want to hide itself behind the supposed meaninglessness.
But lets us take look closer at the set of conditions that money is making and what is their role in the system:
a) gives meaning to otherwise senseless behaviour
b) gives means to survive
  1. gives the sense of self importance
  1. makes others behave undesirably otherwise
People differs between themselfs but there are not many people that doesn’t see any of the senseless behaviour, lack of means to survive within an overwhelming abundance good of various kind or a people that pathological inclined of self importance that impose others to do unplesant things.
I would say people are amazed by such a behaviour that is a very common in our western societies. Even if one is inclined „not to philosophy” or „rationalize” such a behaviour it gives a cognitive problems for people. Such a cognitive problems may lead to the feeling of lack of reality in such a sittuation. This feeling of anomy, of lack of a narration in the fragmented world that is caused by money and rationalisation gives a need for a narration of any kind.
The phenomen of the matrix movie popularity in my opinion can be explained by giving the narration that is just for a moment. People are feeling ashamed of the need of narration. The epoc of narration came to pass with the ideologies like National Socialism, Communism, Social Democracy. Along with religious zealotry the ideologies has made a devastation in a social opinion that the narration are not only passe, plain evil, but unnecessary as well.
Nevermind the reason which might be many there is a fact that movies with grand narration have a huge publicity.
One of the goal of the movie is to relieve the disbelief for this world by the catharsis.
Another goal that is more controversial is my thesis that thru the hidden symbolism of the movie the viewer get the relieving message that its ok to trust in idols and fetishes.
  1. Moneys religious aspect
People think about the aspect of money like its something nonreligious. Nothing can be further from the truth. Everything about the money, especialy in novadays is about faith – fiat. If you leave that aspect of spirituality especialy with a gut feeling of something is not right you are doing yourself no favour.
The history is showing us that the root for every currency in the world has roots in religions. It was the priests that was allowed to borrow the silver and gold to sanctify it as a method of exchange between the people. But people have ingrained in them impulses that guides them thru the life. Some people may say they are the natural law, instincts or the Gods law. Those rules are the rules of feeling being obliged, feeling of belonging, feeling of self worth and in that feeling of self worth the right to self defence, feeling the need of something higher than one self. Those are undeniably antropological facts about every human being in the world
Those rules sadly can be in conflict with eachother.
Human beings can be terribly psychologicly abused based on the natural/God law. Feeling of belonging can be abused to the extend of self denial and need of self worth can be abused to the extend of denying the people around you and the need to belong. The self contradiction as an E. Durkheim sugested in his work „Suicide” that the shame of being socialy confused by contradiction is the main statistical corelation with the attempt of succesful suicide.
Psychological compensation is a very important part of the science of psychology if not the most essencial clinicaly proven part of the science of human psyche. Humans tends to deny things that harms their integrity. In the aspect that we talk about the feeling of unreality gives the need for a social life the reification. But that kind of behaviour need to compensated as well as our feeling of unreality need to be satisfied. So we call the social virtual life as the most real and the most real aspect of life but the least problematic to our sense of identity is being presented as not real in Quantum Physics.
The aspect of the human made law are important here. They are supposedly made to avoid conflict between people and to grant and mimick the natural law. In my opinion most of the case is that lawmakers make the laws to justify their lack of mercilessness and ruthlesness so that everyone else must obey that ruthlessness.
Everything about the money involves ruthlessness. Debt is ruthless, owning of people is definatly ruthless, price tagging is ruthless.
Debt is the first to money. There is no such thing as barter to money. Concept of money involves the concept of the ownage of things. Owning something involves price tagging. Price tagging involves dehumanization of the contact or struggle between people it cancel the hospitality.
4. False Dilema. Secular vs Sacred
Concept of scenario symbolism
  • False Binary
Safardian Jew and Farisei Jew false dilemma.
In my opinion the false binary that happens two times within the
  • Red and blue pills
Are symbolising the candies. Dont take candy from stranger – Honor your parents is one of the law of the moses. And in the movie the people are like children, especially the main character Neo and the one of the most common lessons parents around the world tell their children. Not to take candies from strangers.
Person Symbolism
  • Morfeus
Riddle of seraphim the almost exact if you speak Morfeus backwards. Meaning Morfeus is almost like Seraphim(satan)/ in his image.
What if I would tell you …(the famous meme) Im a Satan?
  • Neo
One. False Prophet. In the bible the false prophets is known by his fruits. Neo always fail and death and traitors follow him.
  • Architect
  • Oracle
  • Agent Smith
Coincidentary symbolism
  • FishBourne
Fish burn. The hierarchical abuse of the fish. „Be the fisherman of man for me now”
Jesus have defeated the Satan. He had not take any pill. He had wisdom. He knew who he was without any intermediary. Neo in the matrix is the antichrist. Jesus was teaching and not only being thought. He had not rejected the reality of seemingly unrealistic world for his own convcenience. He just rejected the world as not the reality that ought to be.
Dont believe in antichrists the whole movie series is about the antichrist and its false legacy that is proven times and times again in the movie. Life if not a movie so you dont have to go the path of damnation as Jesus have said the path of salvation leads thru a narrow gate. Why the gate is narrow? Because you need to be aware of the opression and sin based on opression that human beings are a subject to. Dont deny anything. Be concious and just reject evil not the reality of its existance. Go between the evil symbolised by the walls.
I was an agnostic or even an atheist of a sort. I believed thats its all folly until I came to realise there is no such a thing as being an atheist. A lot of our daily life and values are in some part sacred to us even if we are not aware of that.
Even if you don’t believe in Christ being a saviour, you might enjoy my text. If you like conclusions based on logical arguments, and you like to hear other people opinion, you might still enjoy the reading that follows.

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